Книги, учебници, обзори

Д.И.Пушкаров – “Дефектоны в кристаллах”, – ОИЯИ, Дубна, 1987

D.I. Pushkarov – “Quasiparticle Theory of Defects in Solids“, World Scientific Publ. (Singapore, New Jersey, London,  Hong  Kong) 1991

Д.И.Пушкаров – “Дефектоны в кристаллах. Метод квазичастиц в квантовой теории дефектов”, Москва, Наука, 1993

Д.И.Пушкаров – “Математични методи на физиката”, част I, Югозападен университет “Н. Рилски”, Благоевград, 1993

Д.И.Пушкаров – “Математични методи на физиката”, част II, БАН,  изд. “Марин Дринов”, ISBN 954-430-481-9 (1996)

D.I. Pushkarov – “Mathematical Methods of Physics”, Bahcesehir Universite, Istanbul (2009)

S.I. Tanev, D.I. Pushkarov- Higher-Order Wave and Charge Confinement Effects in Semiconductor Double-Doped Optical Fibers: Quasi-Soliton Propagation and Bistability, Chapter, Jan 1995  DOI: 10.1007/978-94-011-0089-2_25

K. Marinov, D.I. Pushkarov and A. Shivarova –  Effects of nonlinearly induced inhomogeneity on solitary wave formation, chapter of the book: “Soliton driven
photonics”, eds. A.D. Boardman and A.P. Sukhorukov, Kluwer Acad.
Publishers, NATO Science Series II. Math., Phys. and Chemistry, 31 293 (2001)

D.I.Pushkarov – Quasiparticle kinetics and dynamics in nonstationary
deformed crystals in the presence of electromagnetic fields, Physics Reports 354 411-467 (2001)

D.I.Pushkarov – “Quantum  Diffusion”, arXiv: cond-mat 0310283, v.1 (2003); Central Europ. J. Phys. 2, 420-455 (2004)


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