Членство в организации

  • Member of the Advisory Committee of Middle-European Cooperation in Statistical Physics (MECO)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics (ISTCP)
  • Senior Associate at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy
  • Individual member of European Physical Society
  • Honory Member of Union of Bulgarian Scientists
  • Chairman of the Physical Division of the Union of Bulgarian Scientists
  • Member of the Scientific Commission for Physics and Astronomy at the Higher Certifying Commission at the  Council of Ministers
  • Editor of the popular Bulgarian journals “Nature” and “Science
  • Editor, European Journal of Physics (till 2009)
  • Founder and Member of the Consultative Committee of the Institute des Haute Etudes pour le Developpement de la Culture,  de la Science et de la Technologie en Bulgarie
  • Member of many other scientific committees and councils